NANoiseD and FFS

This was a class at Resonate Festival in 2016 that had two synth boards, one built around the 4093 called the NANoiseD and one built around the 556 timer called the FFS. In the NANoiseD the gates are all tied together in a loop: output of one becomes the input for the next. All gates need both inputs on to send off nothing to the next gate. One is sometimes on because it's tied to the previous gate. One is usually on because it's tied to the output but is sometimes off because it's tied to the potentiometer. What you get is a nice rich controllable noise, fun to play with, terrific for abusing your co-workers/classmates. The FFS is both a reference to the 556 that is the heart of this synth and a play on the British-ism "For Fucks Sake". The 556 is a dual 555 timer, meaning there's two of them packed into the same package. This synth actually adds a 555 to the 556 to allow the user to create a beat, a pitch, and an undertone. The potentiometers control the duty cycle (how long the beat is on and off), the frequency (how often it goes on and off), and then the pitch and undertone of the sound when the beat is on.