I'm a designer and programmer. I keep busy. I have fun.

I don't have a classic computer science background nor do I have a traditional design background.

As an undergrad I studied linguistics, math, formal logic, cognitive science, and read a lot of poetry in college. I started programming by trying to build interactive installations using motion detection and image analysis. Along the way I've taught myself electronics, hardware, C and C++, Python, Java, JS && front-end webstuff, a bit of Verilog, GLSL, a fair amount about computer vision, a smattering of very low-level comm protocols, and some real-time rendering techniques. I like building things and designing stuff that does what it's supposed to with a minimum of fuss.

I watch a lot of soccer, I keep forgetting all the Chinese I know and keep trying to put more French and Spanish in my head, I'm trying to get back in the habit of reading philosophy again, and I love physical, actual books. I run, I bike, I day dream some, I eat bananas. I've lived in Taiwan, Russia, France, Argentina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico, Vermont, Rhode Island, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Portland (Oregon), Copenhagen Denmark, and currently, Seattle

I'll be honest. I know this isn't much of a resume. I'm happily employed now though, so I'm probably not going to be updating it any time soon.