Getters and Setters and binding

There’s an interesting article here by Andrew Trice about using getters and setters vs public variables with Andrew recommending dispatching an event when the setters is called that can be bound to. That’s a good practice. Lookin like so:

public function set foo():Object
dispatchEvent(new Event("fooChange"));

I also use bindable getters too like so:

public function get foo():Object
return _foo;

However, that’s not all. Use the Changewatcher in mx.binding.utils. That’s my preference. I do like this:

//ChangeWatcher(access:Object, handler:Function, commitOnly:Boolean = false, next:ChangeWatcher = null)
//watch(host:Object, chain:Object, handler:Function, commitOnly:Boolean = false):ChangeWatcher
//so it woud look like this in an implementation,"changedProperty", handlerFunction, false);
//and then later on I have
private function handlerFunction(e:ChangeEvent):void
{/*some stuff*/

I find that the binding is nice, though people overuse it grossly. It’s better sometimes to use ChangeWatcher so I know what’s going on. Too many bindings running around changing properties without notifying anything else has put a lot of peoples sanity in jeopardy on multiple occasions. I’ve seen it firsthand, heh.

and look someone wrote a paper entitled Does Visual Studio rot the mind? Ha. Maybe it does? I think I am dumber than before I started w/VS man

A very good site and cause

Kiva is one of those sites that makes you realize what the internet can really do for the betterment of humanity. I mean, yeah Google maps is great, Flickr is cool, etc.., but what the hell is it really going to do for people? It’s hard to argue with the simple logic of this site: lend small amounts of money to small businesses in developing countries. Use paypal. It’s really really easy.

WPFE Visual Studio Template

Well I know I said that my list (from John Rayner) was the way to get WPFE up and running but on my laptop here at home I had to put the WPFEJSApplication folder I downloaded into the folder at
C:\Documents and Settings\jnoble\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#
kind of a pain, and I’m really not so sure why it’s a problem. All’s well now though

too good to pass up

Today’s thedailyWTF has one of the best I’ve seen in a while…truly amazing. The great things about thedailywtf is that it brings together developers big and small to chortle together in unison at the wtf-ery that is the development world. Well, that and the jerkoffs who like to say things like “The real WTF here is that not everyone has the entire ANSI C specification memorized”. Christ, I want to party with that guy. Man, once he gets going and starts making dry snotty comments about everyone who doesn’t prototype everything x86 assembler? You’ll be in stitches all night. Seriously.

red5 ideas

So my first idea was that I would make a globe using Papervision and map a camera feed from a webcam as a texture onto the globe. The thing is, that wouldn’t really do a whole hell of a lot with red5. So I’m going to try that, but I’d also like to try something a little bit more Java intensive. If anyone reading this has a good java idea lemme know. I’d like to try to build something fun and beef up my java skills.