Live Code Replacement in Erlang

Exciting? Yes? Really easy? Not so much, but possible on a distributed system.
A very nice and interesting post on one of the more exciting things about Erlang, which is live code replacement, right here. The author very rightly points out that on a multinode system live code replacement is far easier than on a single node system. I’m really trying to not get away from studying up on Ruby, Rails, and Erlang, even though I’m most certainly stuck in a Flash/Flex cycle for the next few months at least. That’s all I can really say about that at the moment, but I’ll explain more later. Nevertheless, if I let Erlang and Ruby slip away from me, I have a feeling I’ll regret it for years and years to come :)

Interesting Invented Language

This is quite interesting: a language with 118 words called Toki Pona, invented by a Canadian linguist who was in a deep depression and decided to create a simple language about joy and happiness. It’s a really fascinating exercise and has a certain amount of relevance for any programmer who’s considered creating a language (not me) or who has developed an API for other people to use (that’s me): it has to be somewhat intuitive, it has to be flexible, it has to allow a certain amount of creativity, and it has to allow the people using it to function effectively with it. Toki Pona apparently does all these things, looking at the word list is kind of a mindbender considering the number of words we have in English (several hundred thousand) but you can get a feel for the way that constructing thoughts would go in Toki Pona, lots of verbs used as adjectives, lots of somewhat imprecise descriptions of things, lots of cute sounds.

What’chu been up to?

Settling into my new house and city and country and language, a not insubstantial task let me tell you. Also, relaxing a little bit. I was working lots of really long weeks for a while on the Actionscript Bible, teaching, freelance, and work at my regular job which burned me out and took quite a toll on my personal life. Luckily, I don’t know anyone here and so don’t have to worry about the toll on my personal life :) Now I just need to catch up on 3 weeks of blog posts, news, discussions, and all that. Should be a cinch, right?
I’m pretty excited about the xmoov streaming FLV via PHP update that got posted. I haven’t had a chance to try it out fully yet but I’m going to figure something out. Probably, once again, clear off my Slicehost and start over with it, which is almost as much fun as actually putting anything on it :) The xmoov player is here and a demo is here

I moved!

And lemme tell ya, I wasn’t just swappin apartments. No sir, I went to a whole different continent. Hola Buenos Aires, estoy aquí, muy cansado, pero aquí. Now, voy a comprarme pasta dentifrica (toothpaste, that is, I had to look that one up).