getting selectedData from an AdvancedDataGrid

Sometimes you understand why things are the way that they are, just not why it was done the way it was. Let’s take the selectedData of an AdvancedDataGrid. It’s a protected property, which is a tad annoying. It’s also returns an object with one property, the UID of the object in the dataProvider of the DataGrid in which it’s displayed. How’s that you say?


Inside this object is what you really want: the ListBaseSelectionData object. But to get to it, you need to know that’s it’s the value to a key of the UID. How do you do that? You do this:

private function checkFileClick( event:ListEvent ) : void {
var tmp = ( as CustomDroppableGrid).selectedDataPublic;
for(var prop:String in tmp) {
var fdata:ListBaseSelectionData = tmp[prop];

Now you get the ListBaseSelectionData and from there, the data object.


Guess so: here or /. or more officially. Does this mean anything? Or nothing? I like MySQL a lot though I don’t know enough to have anything to hate about it, so that could be one reason why I’m a little apprehensive about what might change, because all change with it seems bad. Are there lots of things that Sun can do for MySQL, improvements, looking forward? Not so sure. Your thoughts?

in lieu of something serious about Finite State Machines

I’ll just say, I found the Bicycle Station and it’s pretty nice. No website, but if you just need some pieces or something tuned, they’re pretty friendly and they have some decent frames hanging in the window as well:

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One more small things I’ve figured out. I love figuring those things out in new cities. And seriously, I’ve been trying to write about the FSM, why it’s interesting, and how to work with it in Erlang for a little while now…a little while being like a week. Going slow slow slow.