what I learned today

1. You can safely connect a 3.3V i2c device to an Arduino if you call:

cbi(PORTC, 4);
cbi(PORTC, 5);

in your setup() method to disable the pullup resistors on pins A4 and A5.

2. You can include C++ code in Obj-C files only if your ObjC files have the .mm extension rather than the .m extension. This is because the ObjC++ compiler can process C++ files, while the ObjC compiler cannot.

3. The event dispatching system in OF requires a declaration of a ofEvent object [added] I’m doing this [/added] in the class where you want to listen for that kind of event [added] but you can do it anywhere [/added].

4. The ITG3200 magnetometer is very sensitive to have its power interrupted. Even if interrupted for a millisecond it will need to be reset and recalibrated.

why is government so badly designed?

I woke up this morning with a thought in my head: why is government, and particularly government in the US, so badly designed as a process? Why are projects never prototyped, tested, and refined? Why are the processes so poorly managed on the front end? Why is the communication either so overtly political as to be un-informative or so incoherent as to be unintelligible? Why shouldn’t the process of governing and deciding civic things be designed so that the people who pay for it and need it, the clients of government, come away happy? I’m not asking these questions as a prelude to some brilliant answers: I have none, and I’m genuinely puzzled.

The not-particularly-safe city of Seattle

I’ll be moving to Seattle soon and, I’m going to honest, I’m a little scared. Stories like this make me wonder why I’m going there. It’s odd that with flawed-but-at-least-they’re-trying Portland to the south Seattle is such an astonishingly poorly planned city. I mean really poorly planned, like, on a level with places like Dallas and Miami and Phoenix. Getting around is hellish, walking, unless you’re on one of the retail corridors (which you probably have driven to) is unpleasant and pretty bland, and the bike lanes are a) hated b) insufficient and c) disregarded. I hate to say it, but having lived and biked around in Portland, Seattle, NYC, and Boston, (sorted by level of driver rage) you’re probably safer on the road with the racist Sox-crazed sociopath who would beat you into a pulp for wearing a Yankees hat than you are with the good-hearted PETA-supporting mother of 3 on the road with you in Seattle. Big cars, high speeds, and absent mind = people maimed and dead. Here’s to hoping I don’t end up one of them :/