My belated Technology New Years Resolutions

I’ve got a few New Years Resolutions. It’s taken me a long time to get them together (a solid month in fact), but I’m going to think of it as just waiting to actually get them together:

Things to keep doing:

  1. Using Actionscript 3. It’s got all the crazy API’s from AS2 cleaned up, the new flash player is bang up, the community is humming with anticipation, and people are really starting to see the platform as a realistic choice for serious development.
  2. Using Flex. See above.
  3. Learning Java. It’s friendliness and incredibly wide range API’s and frameworks make it a consideration for, well, anything. Plus, it’s cross platform-ness, updated Swing, ability to compile to Native Code, and massive community of enthusiasts make me happy.
  4. Using Rails. Fun, light, happy, a little confusing but never totally mystifying, I’m liking everything I do with it.
  5. Learning Flex Data Services. It’s big, powerful, fast, and offers a lot of features that more people should be taking advantage of, and I think it’s potentially about to blow up when Adobe revises the pricing.
  6. Playing with C and Microcontrollers. Cause it’s fun! And because C is good for you I think (I think)
  7. Use my Ubuntu more. I use it some as it is, I just need to start doing more. For too many reasons to list : )

Things to do more of:

  1. Try out frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, and servers like JBoss.
  2. Play with openGL. It’s just so hard to be serious about working with graphics and graphical objects without knowing at least the roots of openGL.
  3. Learn Python. It’s powerful, fun, has a wide range of API’s and seems like about the most perfect hobby language out there (I could be wrong about this though) not to mention that more and more really cool projects I see are written in Python
  4. Play with processing. It’s amazing and though I know most of the API’s I never do anything with it : ( Gotta change that. Plus it’s got the wiring/arduino initiative and Mobile Processing
  5. Play with OpenCV. It’s a fantastic platform that I’ve talked about time and time again and now that I’ve gotten it working and am starting to understand some of the API’s it’s hard not to spend all night playing with it

Things to do less or just not do

  1. Use C#. I’m pretty bummed about a lot of things MS. I’m kinda excited about some of the XAML stuff, but I don’t feel like I’m going to end up using it a heck of a lot since WPF/E looks pretty, well, useless, so if I use it, it’s going to be back to ASP.NET for me. Something I’m not all that excited about frankly. I bet the only thing I’ll miss is all the .NET reflection and Visual Studio. I’m going to put this in my ‘do less’.
  2. Use C++. If I need something low level I can use C. If I don’t need I could use Java, AS, or (maybe) Python. And any time I have to touch it I just feel kinda sad. The exception to this is OpenCV (see above)
  3. Work with Actionscript 2. It gives me the crawlies. I don’t want to have to deal with prototyped languages any more than I have to, it’s making me an unhappy camper. Therefore I say: typing in, prototyping out. Plus all those movie clip API’s! Ick!
  4. Write any Javascript. See above
  5. Use Ruby outside of Rails. Well, I guess I just don’t see the point. Am I missing something?

That’s gonna be my year. What about you? What’s on your keep-doing, start-doing, or don’t-do lists? I’m genuinely curious.

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