Guess so: here or /. or more officially. Does this mean anything? Or nothing? I like MySQL a lot though I don’t know enough to have anything to hate about it, so that could be one reason why I’m a little apprehensive about what might change, because all change with it seems bad. Are there lots of things that Sun can do for MySQL, improvements, looking forward? Not so sure. Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Sun.MySQL

  1. Sun has done a horrendous job with software acquisitions over the years. Sun’s most important source of revenues was from servers that ran the Oracle database. Now Sun and Oracle are direct competitors. This is a last desperate last gasp from a dying hardware vendor.

  2. I’m not sure that I agree. I think the JVM is still a very viable platform, I think that Java although certainly hated now, is still (by sheer fact of mass implementation) still viable as a language and programming model, and I think a lot of Suns work with multicore processors may end up being important. I could certainly be wrong though.

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