Snippets in Flex Builder and Joe on RPC

Well I guess there is support for snippets in Flex Builder already, spotters badge to Dustin, thank you very much. I’m realizing my decision to use the stand-alone FB3 install was a poor one (I mean, I knew that already when I was doing it but I can’t be expected to be thinking all the time, right?). So following some info here at, I tracked down the snippets grail. Now I just have to rework a few things on my dev setup I suppose.

I just couldn’t resist re-posting this here because it’s just so dang pretty:

Interactions of the form tell X to do Y then send the result to Z are impossible to express in a standard RPC framework (like SOAP) but are simple in Erlang:

rpc(tell,X,toDo,Y,replyTo,Z) ->
X ! {Z, Y}.

from armstrongonsoftware, from Joe Armstrongs blog.

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