Re-Rubying myself

So the time has come for me to Re-Ruby myself. What, you may ask, OpenFrameworks, Arduino, and Processing not enough for you? Hacking around with Erlang, teaching myself some electrical engineering, and learning low-level C not good enough? Well, maybe. Maybe not. Anyways. I need a better web language. I’d like to say that it should be Python, and Python is awesome. But I know some Rails and I’m partial to it. And there’s a ton of fun friendly goofy silly stuff in Ruby. Were I a more serious person I’d be all over Django et al for everything I need but I’m not. So in order of name-dropping messing around for a day I started with:

Sinatra: I love you. I’d stop loving you if I actually had to do anything. I’d love you even more if I had a good idea for a nanosite.

Tokyo Cabinet: You and CouchDB. Are you CouchDB’s little brother? Not really. You’re different. I think you’re faster though that could just be me.

HAML: Nice. Stop freaking out about my indentations though. It’s lame.

MongoDB: TBD. Will I trade out TC for you?

Merb (again): Still like you a lot. Even though you’re less feature packed than Rails. That’ll all change soon though. Soon, all shall be…interesting.

DataMapper: Also TBD (note the .php at the end of their homesite, just for the irony of it)

So I’m definitely not making something important or even interesting to anyone else. Just a simple site to grab mentions of bikesnob from around certain places in the web. Like facebook. Totally silly, I know, but fun fun fun, and it’s a good learning exercise and that’s what I’m really looking for right now: some learning. And some fun. Oh, and by the way, I live in Oregon now. Go…em, Trailblazers (?) Whatever. It’s nice here.

2 thoughts on “Re-Rubying myself

  1. I was using smultron to edit the haml file, and it kept complaining about my indentation length if there were spaces used in some places and tabs in others. I actually understand that, and it’s fine b/c it works with both 2 spaces or full tabs, which is great. I just found it a little confusing at first as I was copying and pasting demo code and hacking around really quickly. All in all though, I’d say HAML is pretty damn cool. So, since you’re the main developer for HAML and Sass (wow) let me say to you: thanks for the awesome!

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