why is government so badly designed?

I woke up this morning with a thought in my head: why is government, and particularly government in the US, so badly designed as a process? Why are projects never prototyped, tested, and refined? Why are the processes so poorly managed on the front end? Why is the communication either so overtly political as to be un-informative or so incoherent as to be unintelligible? Why shouldn’t the process of governing and deciding civic things be designed so that the people who pay for it and need it, the clients of government, come away happy? I’m not asking these questions as a prelude to some brilliant answers: I have none, and I’m genuinely puzzled.

One thought on “why is government so badly designed?

  1. The original architecture was pretty flat and decentralized, but recently it has been built up to become a prize in itself, and so susceptible to gaming.

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