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Hello there: I live in Seattle WA and I do lots of stuff for fun: I taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for a while and worked for a bunch of companies doing lots of different kinds of things. I studied linguistics and logic/math in college, which was a strangely appropriate preparation for coding. I taught myself programming for the most part, though I have read a lot of textbooks and done the exercises in them. I’ve written a few books which are all listed here. I really digging Linux Mint Debian. If I’m not doing computer science related things I’m looking at art. I’m a busy boy and I have a great life :)

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  1. Your post on sorting a GroupingCollection was great. Thx. On top of that you’re a biker. Two kudos.

  2. In Flash Builder 4.6 i do not see my Flex Library Projects when I have them added in the project.

    Example: MikeLibrary is add;

    import “Shows Nothing” just default Flex Framework. Any help is appreciated.



  3. Hi,

    According to your library (https://github.com/joshuajnoble/arduino-libs-manchester), you got the rf link working for the attiny85. I used your library and it is working great. Thanks for that. But I have one question.

    How did you get serial output on the receiving side to know what’s values are transmitted?

    I need to get serial to output to see what I’m sending over so I can do an if statement.

    All I got was either gibberish or empty on serial monitor using UART usb.

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